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The effects of global climate change have been particularly devastating to Caribbean nations, which have been battered by storms, flooding, droughts and wildfires that have disrupted food security and caused significant economic impacts. In Jamaica, climate-related events are major threats to the agricultural sector, which represents about 7 percent of GDP and employs about 18 percent of the country’s population. Smallholder farmers are among the most vulnerable, because they lack the technology, training and access to financing to implement adaptive measures. As climate change threatens economic opportunities for the agricultural sector, it’s imperative to introduce new business models and technologies for 21st Century producers to thrive.

INMED Partnerships for Children has worked in Jamaica since 2002 to improve the health, food security and income-generation opportunities of the nation’s most vulnerable people through climate-smart agriculture, skills development and opportunities for self-reliance.

Our team at INMED Caribbean, incorporated as an NGO in Jamaica in 2010, is partnering with multilateral investment banks, universities, the private sector and the Government of Jamaica to provide technical and business training, access to financing, links to markets and other resources to help farmers, women and youth implement commercial and noncommercial aquaponics systems to achieve food security, sustainable livelihoods and climate change adaptation.

Job Openings

“Aquaponics: Increasing Access to Climate Smart Agriculture in Jamaica”
Technical Cooperation Number: ATN/ME-16124-JA

TERMS OF REFERENCE: Regional Technical Officer

Position Purpose

INMED Caribbean, a charity organization based in Jamaica, W.I., affiliated with international non-profit INMED Partnerships for Children, is seeking a Regional Technical Officer in Jamaica with education and experience relevant to aquaponics entrepreneurship to provide training, technical assistance and market development to promote climate adaptive agribusiness in the Caribbean.

The position will contribute to the fulfilment of INMED’s mission and project objectives, adhering to high performance standards, and delivering outputs inclusive of aquaponic system management, productivity, plant and fish health, safe food handling, sound data collection, agribusiness and agricultural value chain development.

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TERMS OF REFERENCE: Project Administrator


INMED Caribbean is a Kingston, Jamaica-based, not-for-profit, private limited company, duly registered as a Charitable Organization under the Charities Act of 2013.

INMED Caribbean was established in 2010 exclusively for the following charitable purposes:

  • To promote agriculture, health, and educational programmes for the benefit of persons living in under-privileged and vulnerable communities in Jamaica.
  • To promote improved technologies and initiate programmes for increased agricultural production, sustainable food security, and climate change adaptation in Jamaica.
  • To promote the transfer of best practices to Jamaica and to provide infrastructural support within schools and communities for agricultural production.
  • To carry out other charitable activities of INMED Partnerships for Children, Inc. – a US-based not-for-profit – geared towards assisting children and families in need in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Since its inception, INMED Caribbean has successfully implemented programs in and throughout Jamaica. INMED Caribbean introduced an innovative agriculture system known as “aquaponics” to address the local challenges of income generation, food security, and climate change.

INMED Caribbean is most recently funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to expand the adoption of aquaponics technologies and techniques to small and medium-sized farmers in Jamaica through a project named “Increasing Access to Climate-Smart Agriculture in Jamaica” (“the Project”).

General Purpose

The objective of this Consultancy is to provide administrative, bookkeeping/accounting, financial reporting, and procurement support for the activities of INMED Caribbean and the Project. The Consultant will be part of a dynamic and dedicated team of technical, field, and headquarters professionals who will be responsible for the successful implementation and outcomes of the Project and for building the local capacity of INMED Caribbean to support additional projects in the future.

Click here to read the full job description for the Project Administrator.

Email your cover letter and resume for consideration.


In the Caribbean, climate-related events are major threats to the agricultural sector, affecting food security and livelihoods. Small agricultural enterprises are among the most vulnerable, because many lack the technology, knowledge and financing to implement climate-adaptive measures. 

INMED Caribbean and INMED Partnerships for Children are world leaders in the field of aquaponics and have implemented numerous aquaponics systems for technical schools, incarcerated youth, individuals with disabilities and distressed communities throughout Jamaica.

Aquaponics is a climate-adaptive agriculture technique that combines fish farming with hydroponics (soilless crop production) in a closed system that produces year-round harvests at a rate roughly 10 times higher than traditional farming. Aquaponics consumes up to 90% less water, is scalable to any space (urban or rural) and is resilient to destructive climate change events. It also uses no chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

INMED has developed a simplified version of aquaponics that uses locally available materials, is easy to operate and maintain and can withstand extreme weather events. Smallholder farmers, women, youth and people with disabilities on 3 continents are running INMED Aquaponics® systems and prospering. Learn more…

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A message about COVID-19

As the world struggles to handle the coronavirus pandemic, please know that INMED Caribbean is working diligently to continue serving vulnerable children, families and communities in need by adapting to changing needs and circumstances. While we are taking government-mandated precautions to protect the health and safety of our staff, partners and volunteers, we continue to work remotely and in small groups where safe and feasible, to provide critical support and services and remain focused on our core mission.
Please follow us on social media for updates and community resources available for families in need. If you have questions or concerns, please send an email to In the meantime, stay safe and well and wash your hands!

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