INMED Aquaponics Grows  Opportunities in Clarendon

INMED Aquaponics Grows Opportunities in Clarendon

Via a partnership with the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, INMED Caribbean is installing community aquaponics systems in Clarendon, where residents continue to struggle with the devastating environmental and socioeconomic effects of climate change. In addition to the systems, INMED Caribbean is providing technical and business training, access to financing and links to markets for those who wish to launch agribusinesses.

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INMED Selected as Finalist for the Zayed Sustainability Prize

INMED Selected as Finalist for the Zayed Sustainability Prize

STERLING, VA (October 14, 2019): INMED Partnerships for Children has been selected as one of three finalists in the food category for the prestigious Zayed Sustainability Prize 2020 for its international aquaponics program. This annual international prize rewards the achievements of those who are driving impactful, innovative, and inspiring sustainability solutions to address pressing international development challenges.

The food security challenge INMED addresses through aquaponics lies at the very heart of the organization’s mission to build pathways for vulnerable children, families, and communities to achieve well-being and self-reliance. “The stress of living in poverty and struggling daily to obtain enough food means that children in the low-resource communities INMED serves often do not get the nutrients they need to feed their growing bodies and brains, leading to high rates of malnutrition, developmental stunting and preventable disease,” notes INMED Founder and CEO Dr.… Read the rest...

INMED Caribbean brings the future of farming to Jamaica

INMED Caribbean brings the future of farming to Jamaica

Tanesha Wallace dreamed of starting her own commercial agri-business one day.

For the past few years, she had been struggling to help support her widowed mother and younger siblings in Montego Bay, St James, and saw aquaponics as a means to improve her family’s livelihood and food security.

The life-long gardener and nature enthusiast watched dozens of YouTube videos and experimented with a home system, but admitted that it was not as easy as it looked.

So, imagine her delight when Wallace learned of a new programme by INMED Partnerships for Children to help smallholder farmers, women, and youth launch aquaponics enterprises in Jamaica.… Read the rest...