Follow A Farmer – Marcus Sewell February 2019 Update

Follow A Farmer – Marcus Sewell February 2019 Update

Update February 2019:

IACA’s first agri-entrepreneur, Marcus has parlayed INMED’s IACA technical and business training into a business plan, which he has used to apply for financing. His commercial aquaponics system is already producing!

Marcus’ system is composed of 5 half-55-gallon drums used for gravel beds seated on 2 x 14 treated wood frame. A-250 gallon IBC tank is used as the fish tank, connected to a filtration system consisting of 20-gallon (black) drums, with a swirl filter and pipe leading to a 15-gallon (blue) drum, which serves as the biofilter. From the biofilter drum, a 3/4-inch PVC pipe is connected to the 5 grow beds.

The 5 grow beds have bell siphons, which are connected in series with a 2-inch drain pipe, leading to a 55-gallon blue drum that is used for the sump tank. The sump tank is connected back to the IBC tank.

 The system plumbing uses ¾-inch PVC pipe from IBC tank to the grow bed. The system is run by 4 solar panels with one inverter and one solar battery. There are two water pumps, with one located in the IBC tank and the other in the sump tank. One air pump serves the fish tank with 4 air stones. Tilapia fish are providing nutrients to the plant grow beds. There is a small Bloomsky solar weather station that is a part of the farm setup.

Stay tuned for more updates from Marcus!