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Aquaponics Is this the future of food production?

Read the article in Budding Farmers about Aquaponics Is this the future of food production? Story from Sherica Campbell INMED Caribbean. The article begins on page 28. https://www.flipsnack.com/A7D8695569B/budding-farmers-growzine-issue-1-vol-3.html 

5 Good Reasons for Aquaponics

5 Good Reasons for Aquaponics: Reason 1—Food Security

For Jacob’s Ladder, a home in Jamaica for more than 90 adults with physical and mental disabilities, INMED’s aquaponics system is more than just an innovative gardening project. It represents …

Success Stories

Mustard Seed Communities

Mustard Seed Communities was established in 1978 to support individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Jacob’s Ladder is one of these communities, catering specifically to adults with disabilities in Moneague, …

Follow a Farmer

Want to know what it’s like to start an aquaponics enterprise in Jamaica? Follow some of the farmers who are participating in INMED’s “Increasing Access to Climate-Smart Agriculture” (IACA) program in partnership with the Caribbean Development Bank, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Inter-American Development Bank’s Multilateral Investment Fund, United Nations Environmental Programme/Danish Technical University Partnership and Rural Agriculture Development Authority (RADA).

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