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INMED Caribbean is shaping the future of farming through cultivating opportunities for income generation, food security and climate-change resilience through aquaponics. Learn more about Adaptive Agriculture & Aquaponics and how INMED Caribbean is teaching Entrepreneurship, Food Security and Climate Resilience

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5 Good Reasons for Aquaponics

5 Good Reasons for Aquaponics: Reason 1—Food Security

For Jacob’s Ladder, a home in Jamaica for more than 90 adults with physical and mental disabilities, INMED’s aquaponics system is more than just an innovative gardening project. It represents …

5 Good Reasons for Aquaponics: Reason 2 – Optimized Use of Natural Resources

In the age of global climate change, environmental stewardship is a compelling reason. INMED has documented that aquaponic systems produce at least 10 times more crops in the same amount …

5 Good Reasons for Aquaponics: Reason 3–Economic Opportunity

With low set-up costs and small space requirements, aquaponics offers a multitude of economic opportunities for small and first-time farmers, as well as schools and government institutions. In Jamaica, INMED …

5 Good Reasons for Aquaponics: Reason 4 – Money

With the ability to produce abundant cash crops and fish from one system, economically disadvantaged farmers have the opportunity to prosper in the face of adversity. This video makes a …

5 Good Reasons for Aquaponics: Reason 5—The Future

Reason 5—Opportunity. See how INMED is creating economic opportunities and attracting youth back to farming with its adaptive agriculture and aquaponics programs in Jamaica.

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Fill out and submit an inquiry on our web site: https://inmedcaribbean.org/support-us/ Sustainable food systems pose one of the greatest developmental challenges of the next generation. To address the challenge, INMED …