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INMED Partnerships for Children

INMED Partnerships for Children is a nonprofit international development organization that has worked in more than 100 countries for over 35 years to build pathways for vulnerable children, families and communities to achieve well-being and self-reliance. Through multisector partnerships and in-country affiliates, INMED builds effective systems that deliver innovative and sustainable approaches to break complex cycles of poverty for current and future generations. INMED’s programs in climate-smart agriculture and aquaponics, maternal and child health and nutrition, and economic development have made a sustainable impact on the lives of millions of children and their families since 1986. INMED currently has in-country affiliates in Latin America and the Caribbean and southern Africa, with its international headquarters and local programs in Sterling, Virginia in the U.S.A. For more information about INMED Partnerships for Children’s programs and partners, visit


INMED is a registered in-country NGO of INMED Partnerships for Children, which has worked in Peru since the 1980s to build pathways for vulnerable children, families and communities to achieve well-being and self-reliance. With programs focused on maternal and child health and nutrition, climate-smart adaptive agriculture, and neglected tropical disease treatment and control, INMED Andes has transformed the lives of millions of Peruvians.

INMED’s mobilization of a multi-sector effort to eliminate intestinal parasitic worm infection (soil-transmitted helminths or STH, a leading cause of anemia and malnutrition in millions of children) has become a major component of Peru’s National Plan for the Reduction and Control of Maternal and Child Anemia and Chronic Child Malnutrition. INMED Andes also is facilitating the use of INMED Aquaponics® to strengthen food security, income generation and environmental protection

INMED Andes’ latest program is implementation of the BilikitTM to screen for, diagnose and treat neonatal jaundice in remote regions of Peru. Jaundice is the most common condition requiring medical attention in newborns. In severe cases, it can cause permanent neurological damage or death. In Peru, 90%+ of health facilities lack adequate diagnosis/treatment capability, contributing to a rate of kernicterus (jaundice-linked brain damage) 20 times greater than high-income countries.

For more information about INMED’s programs and partners in Peru, visit or

INMED Brasil

INMED has a successful track record of improving the health, nutrition and socio-economic opportunities for vulnerable children and families in Brazil since 1993. INMED’s programs in Brazil are facilitated by in-country affiliate INMED Brasil. 

Through a variety of participatory education activities, INMED’s nutrition and healthy lifestyles programs have improved the lives of more than 2.5 million children and family members and has provided training for hundreds of thousands of teachers, cafeteria workers and community health agents. INMED Brasil’s school-based programs are improving access to healthy food for preschool and primary school children by establishing school vegetable gardens and providing nutrition education and resources for children, parents, schools and communities.

In addition, INMED Brasil is implementing INMED Aquaponics® in distressed communities to improve food security, climate change adaptation and income-generating opportunities via climate-smart agriculture and aquaponics, a symbiotic combination of soilless crop production and fish farming. Learn more about INMED’s work internationally with climate-smart agriculture and aquaponics at For more information about INMED’s programs and partners in Brazil, visit or

INMED Caribbean

INMED has worked in Jamaica since 2002, focusing on improving the health, education, safety and opportunities of the nation’s most vulnerable children through climate-smart agriculture, school gardening, climate change adaptation, nutrition education, positive youth development and teacher training programs. With its in-country affiliate, INMED Caribbean, officially incorporated in 2010, INMED helps current and future farmers and their families adapt to climate change threats and become economically self-sufficient.

In partnership with multilateral investment banks and the Government of Jamaica, INMED is currently leading a four-year initiative to increase access to climate-smart agriculture. By providing access to financing, markets, training and technical assistance, INMED is helping small-scale farmers, women and youth start aquaponics enterprises in Jamaica to improve food security, income-generating opportunities and climate change adaptation. For more information about INMED Caribbean’s programs and partners, visit or

INMED South Africa

Since 2006, INMED South Africa has been working in collaboration with a wide range of corporate, foundation and government partners to transform the health, lives and futures of South Africa’s most vulnerable children. Incorporated under Section 21, INMED South Africa is a registered non-profit organization (NPC/PBO) recognized by the Department of Social Development and SARS. INMED South Africa’s programs focus on:

  • Food security via the use of adaptive agriculture and the implementation of aquaponics.
  • Child and community health via school gardens, nutrition education and healthy lifestyle training to combat obesity and malnutrition.
  • Economic and social development via climate-smart agriculture for disadvantaged families, subsistence farmers, individuals with disabilities and youth.

For more information about INMED South Africa’s programs and partners, visit or


INMED has been serving at-risk children and low-income families in Loudoun County, VA since 1994. Our US programs are delivered via our Opportunity Community to build strong families, resilient children and opportunities for economic independence, regardless of socio-economic status, disabilities or special needs. INMED’s Family & Youth Opportunity Center in Sterling, VA provides STEM-based academic enrichment, workforce skills development and parenting programs and resources to build strong families and resilient children. The INMED School, coming soon to Paxton Campus in Leesburg, VA, will provide vocational training and skills development in adaptive agriculture, aquaponics and other innovative subjects for economically disadvantaged teens and youth with special needs. Learn more at or